What We Do

Private Wealth Planning

Cone Marshall offers diverse management structures for wealth and property including, real estate, art, aircraft, businesses, collections, bank accounts, and financial investments.

Cone Marshall provides trustee and related services in New Zealand, Switzerland, Uruguay, Hong Kong, England, Italy, and Wyoming, USA. These services involve the formation of companies, foundations, funds and partnerships in a variety of jurisdictions.

Trusts: Establishment & Management

Cone Marshall specialises in establishing and managing both simple and complex trusts for clients all over the world have enabled it to respond to the full range of facts that may motivate a family to establish a trust.

We have a special understanding of the unique needs and cultures of high net-worth families, which allows us to align their interests with their goals in a way that will best benefit them and their loved ones for generations to come. Once we have helped a client to identify their specific goals and objectives, we work closely with them to develop the necessary documentation for structure and governance and suggest the best practices for day-to-day management.

As we are sensitive to the particular needs of global families, a key part of the service we provide is working to regularise our clients’ positions so that they are fully compliant with all international laws and regulations. Cone Marshall itself adheres to and meets its compliance and regulatory obligations, and we pride ourselves on our ability to ensure our clients’ structures do as well.

Cone Marshall’s teams are trained and qualified to fulfil fiduciary duties in an array of languages, in jurisdictions around the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, South America, Asia, and Europe. We strive to carry out these duties our clients entrust to us in a way that supports each individual or family’s needs and circumstances.